About Us

Collaborative trading is a trading company. We have started trading with a goal to support and stimulate the development of production and export products of Pakistan which are in very much in demand and are very much valuable like rice in crops, sports wears, leather products and house hold accessories.

We also import Laptops and computer accessories for our local market which is in high demand.

“Collaborative trade registered in 2014 and already established good relationships with many customers across the world”

“Collaborative trade is also a certified company and registered under Chamber of Commerce Sialkot, Pakistan”

Demand of supplying goods and services to international market is increasing tremendously and most of the countries need to do export and import to keep a balance. Since there are many trading companies dealing in international trades, then why collaborative trading? We are here for those who are in search for a company which they can rely on, keeping trading simple and easy.

What we do?

We supply top quality products of Pakistan to international market.

Why we do?

Our purpose is to facilitate you and provide you what exactly you are looking for.

Where we do our business?

Africa, Europe and Middle East

When we do?

We trade on your demand. We are available 24/7 to provide best service possible.

Who we deal with?

We deal with all those importers who are in search for a safe and fast trading.