Pakistani Rice Exporter

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Rice is an important food and cash crop in Pakistan. Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of rice in the world.  ‘’According to Pakistan economic survey 2015-16, Rice accounts for 3.1 percent in the value added in agriculture and 0.6 percent of GDP”

Each year, it produces an average of 6 million tones and together with the rest of the South Asia. Rice is mostly cultivated in Punjab region with millions of farmers relying on rice cultivation as their major source of employment. Among the most famous varieties grown in Pakistan include the Basmati, known for its flavor and quality.

Types of rice

Long Grain

Long Grain Pakistani Rice Exporter

Long grain rice is one of the most demanded non-basmati varieties in Pakistan and this variety are for rice lovers especially who likes dry kind of meal. This type of rice mainly cultivated in lower Punjab region. The average length of long grain rice is more than 6.0 mm but not more than 6.90 mm.


Long grain white rice

Long Grain White Pakistani Rice Exporter

Long grain white rice is high volume rice and gives excellent cooking. This is one of the highly exported rice type in Pakistan, mostly in Africa and this type is cultivated in Sindh region. Collaborative trade facilitates its customers by offering long grain white rice in different quantities and as per the demand of our customers. Length of long grain white rice is 70mm to 6.80mm.



Plain or White Rice

Plain White Pakistani Rice Exporter

This is the rice type obtained from field where rice is grown and then which has been husked and milled while by removing its bran layers. This includes its whole grain, head rice, big broken, broken, and small broken.



Super Kernel Basmati Rice

Yellow Kernel Pakistani Rice Exporter

There are two categories of kernel:

Yellow kernel: The type of rice of which 25% or more of the surface area has turned yellow in color.

Super Kernel Basmati Rice: This type of rice is longer than most of the types of rice in Pakistan. Super kernel Basmati rice is also famous because of its amazing aroma and it is also not sticky and that is what people love about this rice. Unique taste, long grains, amazing aroma all these qualities makes super kernel Basmati rice special.
Two type of super kernel Basmati rice are available in Pakistan which are “White and Brown” [Read More]

Broken Rice
100%, 50%, 30% Broken Rice

Broken Pakistani Rice Exporter

When the white rice grains are grind a specific amount is produced during milling process that is known as Broken Rice. Usually 100% Broken Rice is used to make Rice Flour, Infant Diets and cereals and it is also used for some birds as their food.

Being best Pakistani rice exporter our Broken rice is clear and free from red streaked kernels or damaged grains.  This broken silky polished rice meets the food standards and is preferred by big leading manufacturing companies in their food processing. Broken rice is mostly consumed in African countries. Its demand is high due to its cheap price. Collaborative trade assures you good quality of broken rice and this is also available in different quantities. [Read More]