IRRI-6 Long grain (Non-Basmati rice)

IRRI-6 (Long grain white rice)

IRRI-6 is the popular long grain non-basmati Pakistani rice. It is white in color with an average length 6mm, small in size as compare to IRRI-9 non-basmati white rice. This kind of non- basmati rice has suitable environment in two province Punjab and Sindh of Pakistan. This is why it is cultivated in Sindh and Punjab. IRRI-6 has no aromatic shape but it has special ability to cook in a presenting way. This Pakistani long white rice is very demanding across the globe because of its impressive result after cooking. IRRI-6 non-basmati rice is being exported to Africa, Dubai, Middle East, Philippine and Bangladesh because of its taste, length, color and of course cheap price. The demand of export is increasing day by day.

Classification Extra Long Grain Basmati
Aroma Absent
Moisture Content 12% Max
Average Grain Length 6.0MM
Polished Grade Double Silk Polished
Broken Grains 1.0% Max
Chalky Grains 1.0% Max
Foreign Grains 0.2% Max
Foreign Matter 0.1% Max
Paddy Grains 0% Max
Under-milled & red-striped 2% Max




Nutrient Values

  1. Carbohydrate content is high in it.
  2. Starch content is present.
  3. IRRI-6 non-basmati rice is rich in vitamins.
  4. High source of energy.

Form of Rice

Each rice can be converted into four forms according to it’s demand and requirements. From paddy, we can prepare the bellow form of rice

  1. Brown form
  2. Parboiled form
  3. Steam form
  4. White form

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