Super Kernel Basmati Rice

Pakistani Basmati Rice

 The rich soil of Pakistan produce the finest long grain aromatic basmati rice in the world.The king Basmati rice has the epic regards all over the world. The name basmati means sweet smell. Pakistani Basmati rice is very special Because of its amazing long grains in length and perfect aroma which uplift basmati rice on the top of the list. This also justifies the supremacy and command over all other rice of the world.

It is cultivated in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Where the blessed soil with five river origination from Himalayas provides perfect softness to the soil for this supreme quality rice. Rather than the blessing of nature, the delegation from the farmers also given with complete sincerity. It is harvested by hand with love and delicate care, aged to fruit than processed. Sweetness in aroma, extra white long grain with perfect taste is still alive from the age of emperors. This precious pearls glitters the world once a year in Pakistan.

The demand of Pakistani basmati rice in Middle East Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UK, Europe and USA.

Except this supreme Pakistani basmati rice other non-basmati rice also serves the world.


Classification Extra Long Grain Basmati
Aroma Present
Moisture Content 13% Max
Average Grain Length 8.00MM
Polished Grade Double Silk Polished
Broken Grains 2% Max
Chalky Grains 3% Max
Foreign Grains 0.2% Max
Foreign Matter 0.1% Max
Paddy Grains 0.2% Max
Under-milled & red-striped 2% Max

 Nutrient Values

  1. Carbohydrate content is high in it.
  2. Starch content is present.
  3. Basmati rice is rich in vitamins.
  4. High source of energy.

Form of Rice

Each rice can be converted into four forms according to its demand and requirements. From rice crop, we can prepare the bellow form of rice

  1. Brown form
  2. Parboiled form
  3. Steam form
  4. White form

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