Rolling board & rolling pin

Rolling Board and Pin

Rolling board and pin is almost used in every home. It is a smooth round board made of marble, wood or plastic, Rolling pin is a cylindrical shaped kitchen utensil, It is used to roll roti’s, parathas or any such type of dough on rolling boards which has a flatten surface to ensure even rolling. Rolling pins of different styles and materials offer advantages over another, as they are used for different tasks in cooking and baking. Rolling board is a very useful product as it has been used in most of the countries for decades, people use it mostly for Roti and Chapattis but there are some other uses of this product as well, For example: ‘’at the same time it can be used as cutting board and pressing bread’’.







The average size of rolling board is 11.5 inches in diameter.
And average length of rolling Pin is 16.5 inches.

Rolling Board and Pin Types

Collaborative trade exports following types of rolling boards:

  • Rolling board and rolling pin made from poplar tree.
  • Rolling board and rolling pin made from eucalyptus (safeda) tree and this is more durable.
  • Then there is polished wooden rolling board and pin which is the most expensive type.
  • Unpolished wooden rolling board and rolling pin which is cheaper than the polished wooden rolling board and pin.
  • And Rolling board and pin with stand.
  • We also make custom designed board and pin on demand.