Our Services

We always provide you with the best services possible.  No trouble with the documentation and we make sure on-time delivery of the products.


Packaging can be significant in improving customer experience, nowadays it is important to invest in product packaging as well to increase the value of the product.

Packaging which is prepared by using customer approach is known custom packaging. These are available in any shape, design, color, and size according to customer demand. It is better to say these are on-demand packaging. Collaborative trading designs boxes in an improved manner to make them eye-catching, unique and satisfying for customers.

Collaborative trading offers following types of packaging;

Internal or protective packaging

While packaging your items for shipment, internal protection is essential to ensure your items reach their final destination safely. We take care to Wrap each item separately and ensure that they stay protected during transit. As products have to shift and move during transportation, Breakable products need special care and they need to be kept separated from each other. So these are the things which need to take care of and we do that.

Temperature controlled packaging

 Some products require a suitable temperature like medicines, for such products, there is temperature controlled packaging. Temperature Controlled Packaging is the latest design in Packaging for temperature controlled products. This is essential for companies who deal with perishable & temperature sensitive product.

Branded packaging

Collaborative trading is also providing you brand packaging facility. Brand packaging includes; your name, logo, and web address or marketing message or whatever your requirements will be. Collaborative try to make custom branding as easy and inexpensive as possible.


If you want a logo or any type of marketing statement on your products, then we are here to do custom branding for you. Anything with a logo used to promote a brand.



Collaborative trading is providing following Freight arrangement services as per the demand of the customer and requirement of the product.

Air Freight

Our company is offering you the most reliable and cost-effective means for using air freight choices for delivery of your consignment. It is important to select the right custom broker who can determine the most applicable means to ensure convenience and on-time delivery.


Ocean Freight

Collaborative trading is providing ocean freight services to companies large and small.
We are an integral part of our clients export departments.


Cargo Freight

Our Cargo agents facilitate consignments of goods through airline, train, trucking terminals and shipping docks.

They ensure that consignments are picked up and delivered on time, they also make sure that paper works are fully complete? Fees are collected and any other formalities related to that.  For international shipments, agents prepare and verify customs and tariff forms.


There are few services cargo agent facilities you with, which are mentioned below;

  • Define shipping methods and routes from pick-up location to the final destination.
  • They will let u know about the possibilities or choices related to transportation and payments.
  • Manage transportation and logistics details by coordinating with shipping and freight companies.
  • Estimate, negotiate, and determine postal rates, shipment costs, and other charges.
  • Notify clients of cargo shipments, status, route, and time of delivery.
  • They will Prepare bills of lading, invoices, and other required shipping documents.
  • Make Record related to cargo amount, weight, dimensions, and time of shipment.